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Announcing “The UNRA:” “Protect Gun Rights AND Our Children,” New Advocacy Group “The UNRA” Offers Voice to Gun Owners Who Support Universal Background Checks and Rational Gun Laws

Gulf Shores, AL – Launching today, a new online advocacy group, “The UNRA,” will offer gun owners who support universal background checks and other responsible gun violence prevention measures as a place to voice their opinions to Congress. “The UNRA” (United Network of Rational Americans) calls upon Congress to “protect our rights AND our children.”

In its first action, UNRA today released a solemn video in observance of the 32nd anniversary of the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan that reminds today’s Congressional Republicans opposed to tough, enforceable background checks for all gun sales that Reagan believed the nightmare he faced may have been avoided if background checks had been required by law in 1981. WATCH IT HERE.

The UNRA was created by Watchdog Causes, LLC, the founders of “Dogs Against Romney.”

“As life-long Southern gun owners, we strongly support America’s history of responsible gun ownership,” said Watchdog Causes’ founder Scott Crider. “Like most gun owners, we also believe universal background checks are a necessary step that will save lives and will in no way undermine the 2nd Amendment.”

Groups like the NRA have failed to listen to their members, Crider said. “88% of the American people are behind universal background checks, including 74% of NRA members, but the NRA leadership is not. They aren’t listening to their members. They’re listening to the big gun manufacturers who only care about their bottom line and keeping the flow of increasingly more deadly, more expensive guns going into the marketplace – regardless of whose hands those guns fall into.”


Universal background checks, if implemented, will close gaping loopholes in America’s gun trade that enable criminals and people with dangerous mental disorders to easily obtain weapons and accessories, including military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines like those used to slaughter 20 innocent children and 6 educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT nearly 100 days ago. We learned Thursday that the disturbed young man shooter in Newtown was able to fire 154 rounds in under five minutes with these tools of mass destruction.

FACT: Background Checks Work. According to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence: “Since the Brady Law took effect in February 1994, more than 1.6 million prohibited gun buyers have been blocked from buying a gun from licensed gun dealers across America. Those prevented from buying guns have had felony records, domestic violence abuse histories, drug addictions, and mental illnesses that posed threats to others. A large number have been fugitives.”


FACT: But the Private Sale Loophole Means 40% of Gun Sales Unacceptably Go Unchecked. According to FBI data: In the 38 states that have not fully closed the private sale loophole, an estimated 9,856,984 background checks were conducted between November 2011 and November 2012, out of an estimated 16.5 million total firearm transfers in those states. 40 percent of this total—6.6 million transfers—occurred without background checks.

“Closing the private gun sale loopholes is a no-brainer. Virtually everyone wants universal background checks, and it doesn’t affect law abiding gun owners or undermine the 2nd Amendment,” Crider said. “Hell, the NRA once supported it.  The Republicans in Congress in the pocket of the big gun makers who oppose universal background checks despite near universal support from their constituents are poster children for irrational Americans.”

The UNRA is free to join and can be found online on Facebook and Twitter.

The group plans to provide a platform for gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters to voice support for universal background checks to members of Congress. Events will be organized online, and on-the-ground, Crider said.

The UNRA (United Network of Rational Americans) is composed of people and groups who support the 2nd Amendment and honor America’s history of responsible gun ownership. Many UNRA members own guns, store them and use them responsibly, undergo training to learn to defend themselves and their families, and participate in hunting and shooting sports.

UNRA members also want to reduce violence in America, and understand that our current system of gun laws enables people who should not have access to guns to easily get them.

Unlike the NRA, the UNRA supports universal background checks. Unlike the NRA, our positions are consistent with those of mainstream America. A new Quinnipiac University poll shows 88 percent of American voters support universal background checks – including 85 percent of voters in households with guns! Americans are rational, responsible defenders of their rights, who also love their children and understand our system is broken and must be fixed.

Universal background checks are long overdue for gun purchases in the United States. When implemented, it will close shocking loopholes in our current system that allow criminals and people with dangerous mental disorders to acquire weapons at gun shows and other private sales without any background check.